Cripps Stone Barn Wedding Photographer – Cotswolds

Cripps Stone Barn Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Alex, a multi award-winning wedding photographer, and I’m hoping that you’ve landed on this page because you’re searching for a Cripps Stone Barn Wedding Photographer that will capture your wedding day in an honest, creative and individual way.

Firstly, a big hats off to you! You’ve chosen one of the best venues around! Even after shooting hundreds of weddings around the UK and abroad, the thought of photographing a wedding at Cripps Stone Barn still gets me super excited! The setting is idyllic and each space is choc-a-bloc full of character. What’s more, the team at Cripps have every aspect of hosting weddings honed to perfection. You’re in good hands!

You’ve probably chosen this venue because you want something a little different and for your wedding to be fun and relaxed where everyone simply has an awesome time – and that’s where I’d like to think I come in. I’m all about letting the story of your day unfold at its own pace, creating photos that are a true reflection of you enjoying the day your way. I’m there for both the big and small moments, from the deafening belly laughs to the tender squeeze of a hand as vows are said.

So have a look around at my portfolio and through my recent blog posts and see how I approach each wedding. I would absolutely love to be your Cripps Stone Barn wedding photographer, so please get in touch here to check whether I’m available. You can also read my in-depth guide to weddings at Cripps Stone Barn here. It has plenty of hints and tips to get the most out of your day at this fantastic venue!

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