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“Alex, we have just sat down to watch the slideshow, I’m a bit speechless at the moment. They are incredible, we have both been in absolute tears. We can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you have done, we are so delighted and you have captured the day wonderfully. You tell the story so well, we couldn’t have wished for better photos or photographer. Thank you so much.”

When I received the above text from Mary, I was totally overjoyed. Weddings are such a wonderful occasion and I can’t help but be drawn into all the emotion experienced by everyone involved – and I hope it shows in the photos I take. It might sound a bit strange but I’ll look back on my photos afterwards and all these happy feelings well up inside! I just feel that it’s awesome to be part of such a special day in the lives of two people, their families and friends. And it was an absolute honour to be able to capture these photographs for Mary and Darren.

It’s always great to travel down to London for a wedding, and I love shooting at new venues too. This was my first wedding at Pembroke Lodge and I hope it’s not the last! Any venue with surroundings as beautiful as the lodge has is good in my book! It’s a real treasure of tranquility tucked away in the City. After the ceremony at St Mary’s College, we stopped for a few quick portraits on Richmond Hill before heading to the Lodge for the reception and to celebrate! And celebrate they did! It’s a good indicator that a fun evening lies in store when a bride is Irish and there’s a fiddle player booked for the evening! There really is nothing like a live band in terms of creating atmosphere and energy and ‘The Cheesecake Band’ did just that, ensuring everybody had a fantastic time! I only just made it out of the park myself two minutes before the gates were locked for the night!

Awesome people, awesome wedding. I loved every second.

Frontage of the Richmond Hotelbride laughing as she holds a champagne glass in front of the fireplaceBride pours champagne for her mother in the hotel roomBridemaids dresses all hanging in a row on the fireplace with the shoes laid out underneath in setsname tage on the bridesmaids dresseswedding dress hanging on the balcony of the Richmond Hotel in Londonpasser by takes a photo of the brides dressBride having makeup applied in the hotel bathroomclose up of blusher being appliedtwo girls sit on the bath and watch the bride having her makeup applied by the stylistblack and white photo of eyeliner being appliedbrides mother in silhouette, flower girl in the backgroundBridesmaids sitting on the bath laughingan iPhone playing the grease theme tuneBridesmaids lughing and giggling in the bathroom as they watch the bride getting readylaughing and joking in the bathroom before the weddingA perfume bottle being passed from hand to handtwo bridesmaids fastening their shoes simultaneouslyunposed portrait of a young bridesmaidthe bride is in her dress and waits for her father behind the room dividerthe father of the bride arrives to see his daughterFather sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first timeFather gives hid daughter an emotional hug as he sees her in her dress for the first time.Bride having her veil attached.Bridemaids getting ready in the background as two other bridesmaids put the veil on the bride.Excited expressions of the bridesmaids as they look at the bride!coco chanel perfume bottlesign to st marys college, londonthe chaplaincy building at st marys collegeguests milling in the courtyard before the wedding ceremonyVicar chatting to a guest prior to the wedding serviceA huge stained glass windowguests arriving at the churchPiano being played as guests arrive for the weddinga pretty box containing the order of service placed on the pewsAn usher hands out an order of service to an arriving guestguests milling in the church before the weddingfather of the groom, happily smiling at his sonA baby girl plays in the pewsguests smiling and talkinggroom gives his niece a big smiley hug!the bridal car arrives, bridesmaids are waiting in front of the churchThe bride steps out of the wedding car.An overview of the courtyard in front of st marts chapel with the bride and bridesmaids preparing to enter the churchThe groom and best men wait at the top of the aislethe vicar stood in dramatic entrance light of the churchamazing photograph of the bride walking into the church with a huge stained glass window behind her and chandeliers marking the way down the aislebride walking down the aisle with her fatherthe bride catches the grooms gaze as she walks down the aislebride and groom meet at the altar, wedding guests and family all behind them with the bridesmaids walking towards themthe couple sing hymns at the altarroman catholic priest conducts the wedding ceremonyfamily member in blue suit gives a readingthe view of the chapel from the back showing all of the guests in the pews and the couple at the altar getting married by the priestpriest conducting the ceremony at the lecternthe couple stand and face each other on the altar with large stained glass windows behind themthe couple join handsthe couple kiss as the priest smiles onbridesmaids and family applaudingmother of the groom wipes a tear from her eyethe father of the bride looks on from the audiencea reading is given from the lecternpriest holds the cup of communion upwardsprayers are being offeredmembers of the congregation shake handsmembers of the congregation sake each others handsthe priest blesses the groom and places his hand on his foreheadthe wedding party take part in communion after wedding ceremonychoir and pianist play to the wedding party in the churchnewlyweds make their recessional out of the church smiling at their gueststhe happy couple embrace outside the chapelA bridesmaid hugs the brideparents congratulating the bride and groomhugs from grandparents and the best manguests congratulating the happy coupleguests all milling about outside St Mary's university chapelpretty girl in green dress smilinga lucky horsehoe being presented to the newlyweds, guests talking under an archwayguests mingling on the lawn outside the chapelA lady with confetti in her handsA little boy prepares to throw confettiguests showering the bride and groom in confettibride and groom laughing as the confetti endsguests smilingsister of the groom laughingpriest migles with gueststhe bride steps into the wedding car - a jaguarwedding portrait of the couple standing on the path, kissing from the top of Richmond Hill with the Thames in the backgroundbride and groom walk hand in hand up richmond steps with vintage cast iron railingsamazing wedding portrait taken on richmond hillintimate portrait of the bride and groom standing close to each other, cheek to cheekA lovely relaxed portrait of the bride and groom cuddling and luaghing together on Richmond Hill, Londonwooden sign pointing to the belvedere and mary and darrens weddingRichmond Lodge - A white mansion partly covered in foliageThe entrance to the Belvedere at Richmond LodgeBeautiful skylit room with laid tables with white table cloths, old chairs and pastel roses decorating it.pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0101pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0102pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0103pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0104pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0106pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0107pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0108pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0109pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0110pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0111pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0112pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0113pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0114pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0115pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0116pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0117pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0118pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0119pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0120pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0121pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0122pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0123pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0124pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0125pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0126pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0127pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0128pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0129pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0130pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0131pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0132pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0133the father of the bride gives an emotional speechbride hugs her father during the speechespembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0136pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0137pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0138pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0139pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0140pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0141pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0142pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0143pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0144pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0145wedding portraits taken in the beautiful grassy surroundings of Richmond Parkcouple hold hands in the long straw like grasspembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0148pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0149pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0150pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0151pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0152pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0153pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0154pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0155the Bride starts off the Irish Dancingpembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0157pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0158the fiddler plays an Irish jigpembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0159pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0160pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0161pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0162pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0163pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0164pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0166pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0168evening guests having a great time dancing and singingpembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0170pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0171pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0172pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0173pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0174pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0175pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0176pembroke-lodge-wedding-photographer-richmond-london_0177dancingdancingStunning and creative night time wedding portrait of the bride and groom surrounded by blue lightsPhotographs by pembroke lodge wedding photographer Alex Miller.

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  • Andrew

    You have a great eye Alex. That, and your hard work have made for another wonderful set of images! Great stuffReplyCancel

  • This is the hotness right here. Nice work Alex! Favourite photos – the last one, WHAT! So good. And the black & white of the priest/vicar/man-in-robes (what’s the correct term) looking out the front doors of the church. Great stuff!ReplyCancel

  • Incredible stuff this mate, so many great moments and frames. Top top work!!ReplyCancel

  • Killer stuff as always Alex!ReplyCancel

  • Robin Horton

    Wow, enjoyed looking through every one, my fave’s are the bride walking down the isle with dad, great look on brides face, and the last one, super bokeh, all brilliant though Alex.ReplyCancel