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incredible couples portrait - shot into the sun and surrounded by the booked of green leaves

“Hi Alex, These look amazing. Thank you so much.”

I love pre wedding shoots. They often give me time to shoot at a much slower pace than I’m afforded at weddings, where often the best light for portraits passes whilst other things are happening and the allocated portrait time is sometimes much tighter than is ideal – as little as 5 minutes sometimes!

I really do think that portrait time should be viewed as a couples quiet 20 minutes or so to themselves, a special little moment away from the wedding party to just enjoy a special bit of time together and catch their breath. On Lucy and AJ’s shoot we had the most delicious light and so we just took our time and made the most of it as we strolled around the grounds of Worcester College in Oxford. It was such a perfect summer evening which would have been a waste to rush through – the shoot was much more enjoyable and we got some great frames as a result!

I’ve been looking forward to their wedding for a fair while now and after our little shoot, all the more so. These two are such lovely people and an absolute pleasure to be in the company of! Roll on the wedding next month! Can’t wait!

couple walking in front of buildings of worcester collegethe library and it's huge archways at worcester collegean intimate portrait of a couple cuddled up on the university stepscouple standing together in front of the red and pink rose climberscouple posing for photograph in front of olde world university buildings in oxfordoxford engagement photographeran old doorway at worcester college in oxfordshireoxford engagement photographerdark photo of couple standing in the entrance of an old brick passagewaycool photo of couple in love framed by the archway of a passagewaycouple standing by a big tree by the riverhugging by the tree as a swan swims pastsitting together enjoying a beautiful summers evening by the lakeengaged couple laughing and smiling as they stand by the lakea romantic portrait shot through the branches of a weeping willowa path of light shines through the trees and onto a n old shedbeautiful and romantic engagement photo at university in oxfordcreative pre wedding portrait of couple in dreamy golden light among the trees and leavescouple kissing by the lakecouple touching foreheads and smiling in front of the lakewalking into the light at worcester college cricket pitchlens flare couple shotcouple positioned against the sky and a skyline of trees with the sun shining throughquirky portrait of couple standing on the cricket pavilionquirky tilt-shift portrait of couple standing on the cricket paviliona creative portrait by an oxford engagement photographerwaling towards the trees at worcester college

couple standing close amongst the apple treesblack and white contrasty picture with dappled light shining on couple through the apple treesblack and white contrasty picture with dappled light shining on couple through the apple treesengaged couple standing against a the backdrop of a big blue skyoxford engagement photographernicely lit portrait of a couple standing between the pillars of the library at worcester college in oxford

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  • Lovely work Alex, especially love the last five images in your blog post! The four black & whites are so good and suits the mood of the photographs.

    Great jobReplyCancel

  • Robin Horton

    A well written intro to a lovely group of images Alex, you used the superb light to its fullest advantage.ReplyCancel

  • Not sure why I’ve only just seen these now Alex but lovely lovely work! I especially like the last B&W frame and the one in the netting area – feel like I should probably know the technical description for this location but ‘netting area’ will do! Good good stuff!ReplyCancel

  • Wow these pictures are simply stunning! Great, great work! I especially like the composition.ReplyCancel

  • Love the back lit photos! And the tilt-shift style photo with the house is very cool!ReplyCancel

  • Lovely work alex 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Noble Option

    Really good work! Love it 😉ReplyCancel