Dodi & Alex | Wroxton Abbey Wedding

Home made bunting against a blue sky

From the very first skype call I had with Dodi and Alex, I knew their wedding was going to be something special. They seemed such lovely warm people right from the beginning and upon finding out that family would be coming over from Jakarta for the wedding, we soon got chatting about Indonesia and Bali and the fire dances that they’d seen on my website. Turns out they planned to do a bit of poi fire dancing themselves at the wedding! How cool is that! Unfortunately, with the British weather being what it is, rain stopped all the fire fun, but never to be defeated these guys still pulled it off by using LED poi’s inside the tent itself. It was still a fantastic show.

Everyone helped with this wedding and to me, that’s a large part of why it was so special. When your friends and family put themselves out to help make your day so wonderful, it really overwhelms you how much people really care and want to see you happy. That’s how I felt at my wedding anyway. I could see it at Dodi and Alex’s very much so too. The reception was held in a field at the back of Alex’s parents house. Guests were put up in bell tents for the weekend. Dodi’s best man provided the wedding marquee (he runs a tent business supplying festivals and the like). Friends had all pulled together making bunting to decorate the site – and of course grandma couldn’t help but create some extra special bunting along with a knitted character to adorn the tent! Don’t you just love grandmothers! Those are just a few of the many things people did – It was a great DIY wedding through and through.

A vintage double decker bus carried all the guests to the ceremony, held just down the road at Wroxton Abbey near Banbury. And what an amazing setting it was! The ceremony was held outdoors (love it!) underneath the columns of a Roman Doric temple (love it even more!). Pimms and lawn games followed and then it was off to board the bus back to the reception whilst Dodi and Alex were chauffeured off in a friends Land Rover. All in all it was a lovely relaxed affair. Until it got to the evening that is, when it became blatantly obvious that everyone had been storing up all their energy for the Céilidh dancing! The Hookey Band provided the music and called the dances and you’ll see by the photos that everybody had an amazing time!

I think it’s pretty clear that I loved everything about this wedding, I really could go on for ages about it but I’m sure you’d rather me shut up and just show you some photographs! Without any further ado here are some frames…

A hand drawn sign saying "to dodi and alex's wedding" pinned on a bush Preparing for the wedding inside the marqueeGuest sitting on stage in marquee using curling tongs on her hair before the wedding.Bell tents where wedding guests have stayed overnight.Cool looking Bell Tents with guests name at the entrance.Guests emerging from the bell tents.lady in red dress walks across to other guests in a fieldA beautiful pale horse at the fence.Sheep dog sits in the field where the wedding marquee is.Guests make their way to the wedding carrying home made jam.Guests mingling inside tent.Guests talking and sitting on sofa inside the wedding reception tent.Guests laughing and talking.Greco style wedding dress hanging in the doorway.Bride and Bridesmaid getting readyBride puts on her ankle bracelet.A vintage double decker bus awaits wedding guests to transport them to Wroxton Abbey.Child on the steps of the red bus.guests leave the tent and board the old double decker bus. Guests boarding the back of the bus.Suited man walks up to the upper deck of the bus.A  guest nearly misses the wedding bus and runs down the lane after it!!The bus en route to the wedding ceremony on a typically english country lane.A photograph of Wroxton Abbey.Blurry and dreamy trees.The wedding party gathers before the ceremony in front of the Doric temple columns. Musicians set the mood by playing their violins and cellos.Groom chats with his guests prior to the ceremonyMother of the Groom.Groom casually leans on a chair before getting married.Guests enjoying a brief chat before the wedding at Greco temple.A guests laughs and snaps away on her camera.A reportage style photo of a guest making a strange hand gesture.The best man smiles.Guests assemble for wedding at the Wroxton Abbey Temple, for an outdoor wedding ceremony.Bride makes her way down the gathering watch the brides arrival.Bride walking down the aisle accompanied by her mother.The bride arrives at the altar and greets her husband.The outdoor wedding commences at Wroxton Abbey's Greco temple. the bride and groom exchange vows, hand in hand.Friends give moving readings at wedding ceremony.An emotional moment as the bride and groom exchange wedding vows.Readings and Songs given by friends of the couple.You may kiss the bride!Ecstatic bride and groom dance their way down the aisle!Bride and Groom do a funky dance whilst walking from the ceremony.The children join hands with the newlyweds after the ceremony.The wedding party and guests make their way onto the lawn for some photographs.The groom is given a warm embrace by his friend. More hugs and smiles for the groom to celebrate.Emotional natural photograph of the bride being congratulated with a hug.The happy couple stop for a quick photo on the ancient steps between the lawns.The bride and Groom share a quick hug and kiss.The summery bouquet of flowers.Newlyweds enjoy a stroll down to the lake.Lillies and reeds set the scene for a romantic portrait.Peering through the willow tree at the couple in love Walking up the lawn to the Jacobean manor houseWedding guests greet their hostsBride surrounded by her friends smiling.Hugs are given to the bride by her guestsEnjoying a glass of Pimms on the lawn.Four guests sit on a bench against the manor house.Three little girls sit on the lawn playingPlaying boules at a summer weddingboules positioned around the jack.Guests enjoying canapes and drinks during a lovely summery wedding.reportage style photographs of peple having and woman taking a break, smoking whilst sitting on a bench.Father of the bride looks after the marriage certificate by putting it in his suit pocket.Two ladies sit talking on the lawnThe bus awaits guests to board outside Wroxton Abbey Estate.A really cool Landrover wedding car!Guests taking photographs of bride and groom by the Land Rover.Groom carries bride onto the back of the Land Rover!Bride throws boquet from the back of a Land Rover.Bouquet toss from the back of the Land Rover.Ladies catching the bouquet.Excited bridesmaid catches the bouquet and celebrates with friend.Bride and groom leave, waving goodbye from the back of the land rover wedding car.guest waves.guests depart the abbey and board the bus.Chalk board table plan mounted on an easel.Stunning Country Style wedding tent decorationsDIY bunting inside the wedding marquee.DIY table decorations for wedding in a field.Table place names written on small pieces of slateA panama hat left on the table.Rustic table flowers in cute little metal potsA keg of local beer sitting on the table at the wedding.Hook Norton Brewery BeermatsGrandmothers bunting and knitted character for DIY wedding decorations.Knitted chimney sweep sitting on a knitted horse shoe.Themed wedding cake covered in bunting. Layered cheeses in the style of a cake covered in bunting.Cool DIY wedding cake and cheese board.Guests mingling in a field outside the marquee.Champagne being poured into glass.A comical moment during conversation.Bride and Groom in front of land rover, hugging their wedding car driver and all holding bunting that says "just married".Documentary style wedding photography of guests in field enjoying themselves.Laughing in a field.Guest tents in wedding field.Woman strokes a beautiful horse in field during wedding reception.Everyone sits down for the wedding breakfast.Champagne being poured into glasses, soup being served.Guests plays with her place setting name.Mother of the bride gives speech in wedding tentBrother of the Bride delivers his speechBorder Collie Sheep dog playing with a stick during the speeches.Bride laughs during speeches.Top table laughing at speeches.Guests toasting.DIY wedding marquee in a fieldBorder Collie sitting by bales of hay and the bouquet of flowers.Bride and Groom sitting on bales of hay.holding handsA romantic portrait of newlyweds in a field.Bride gives emotional speech to her husbandhusband and wife kiss after speech.guests crying during wedding speeches.the entire table toasts the bride and groom.Best man gives an emotional embrace to the groom.Girl receives a gift.A funnty moment as guests play games with their place names.Beer on tap being poured from the keg.Grandad reads to his grand daughter on a vintage sofa.A silly moment captured on camera as man hold his hands in the air.droplets of rain on the window of the marquee.Two people in the field under umbrellas to escape the rain.Water droplets running down the light bulb.Céilidh band playing at DIY wedding.Children watch the Céilidh band.Céilidh dancingwedding party enjoying Céilidh dancing in tent.The men run past the girls holding hands!Swinging each other around during Céilidh.Dancing around in a circle during the CéilidhCéilidh band plays the accordianArm in arm Céilidh dancing.Woman exhausted on the floor after dancing a lot!Three guests take a break on an old sofa and two small children hug each other looking cute.A moody shot of the marquee at night.Bride and Groom do a Poi fire dance with LEDS.Swirling lights during Poi LED dance.Swirling lights during Poi fire dance.Poi led fire dance at Banbury weddingsilhouettes of the newlyweds as they finish their Poi fire dance.céilidh band member on guitarMan enjoying céilidh dancingEnjoying themselves during the wedding danceHaving fun whilst dancingMan plays an accordianAtmospheric photo of feet on the dance floorLong exposure dance shotslong exposure dancing photosBride and guest waltz ferociously towards the camera!waving their hands in the air during the céilidhMother and daughter collapse happy on the floor after dancingExterior of the wedding tent and night, decorated in different coloured light bulbs.The marquee glows under a moody night sky when viewed from the other end of the field.

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  • Amazingly well documented Alex, looks like it was a fun filled day thats for sure!!ReplyCancel

  • Stunning wedding Alex, I found myself smiling at every frame!! I particularly love the shot of the bride and groom on the bride with you peeping through the willow tree foliage, and completely adore the frame of the little girl being read a story!

    Your work is amazing Alex, if only I could do my wedding all over again, i’d know where to find you!!ReplyCancel

  • What a cool wedding, love the bus and the tents! looks like a fun day and well done on the photos, love it!ReplyCancel

  • What an amazing wedding! Top work Alex.ReplyCancel

  • Top work – love that little shot of the dog playing with the stick during the speeches 😀ReplyCancel

  • Love your creativity with the reception photos!ReplyCancel

  • Your reception photos are SPOT on. Amazing documentation.ReplyCancel

  • beautiful portraits…especially love the one on the bridge and willows.ReplyCancel

  • …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This wedding cannot be real. This photos CANNOT BE REAL! They are WAY TOO FULL of joy and laughter and great style and creativity–I had a smile on my face THE WHOLE TIME I looked through this post!! This couple is amazing. This wedding is amazing. Such, such creative and awesome coverage. Period.ReplyCancel

  • Woha!! What a great wedding and party! They sure know how to have fun and the bride and groom are lovely. You captured their day just perfect!ReplyCancel

  • What an amazing set! I love the one of the mom and daughter laying on the floor. So good!ReplyCancel

  • As Sachin already point it..reception photos are so creative!ReplyCancel

  • This is my type of wedding. very well done.ReplyCancel

  • Hi Alex, I love everything about this wedding too! How cool are the tents, and all the the bunting added a beautiful splash of colour. The cakes look amazing, and Im loving the outdoor portraits of the bride and groom, especially the ones on the bridge… but so many others photos I love, they tell the story so well. It looks like such a fun dayReplyCancel

  • I have to agree with Sachin, Heather, and PJ – such unique and creative reception photos! Solid work, mate.ReplyCancel

  • fantastic photos 🙂ReplyCancel