Tunnels Beaches Wedding Photographer

natural and relaxed wedding photo at tunnels beaches

“Alex, just to confirm in writing, we bloody love the photos, bloody LOVE them!! We can’t thank you enough, we had high expectations, but you went above and beyond those in everything you did. Thank you!”

If I could go back and re-live any day of 2014, it would be difficult to pick any other day than this one! One baking hot day in August, Jemma and Sam got married at the incredible Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracoombe and it was a huge honour to be asked to document their day.

It was so relaxed and informal with everyone having so much fun. I know that’s what Sam and Jemma were hoping for and in every sense, the day simply couldn’t have gone any better. It was clear to see that Sam and Jemma are surrounded by some wonderful people and for me, it’s that that really made the day extra special. So much fun, laughter and good times!! It was so brilliant to be a part of it all!

A big cherry on the top of an already special day was having Andy Gaines along with me to shoot this one. If you’re a photographer and have followed Andy’s work, you’ll understand why I was excited. Thanks Andy, you were a total legend!

I always knew that it was going to be a tough job to pick my favourites from the day to blog here, and to be honest I feel like I could have shown so much more, but without further ado here’s my attempt to narrow an action packed day down to a reasonable length. Here goes…

seagulls against a blue skymodern beach houseilfracoombe town through a round porthole style windowwaves lapping against the sandy shorecreating name place tags with vintage machineenglish breakfasts being served by waitressbuttering toastthe boys having a laugh around the table before the weddinglaughing and joking around the breakfast tablelcool shot of two figures at the end of extremely dark tunnelgroom walking back to the apartment, photograph taken from abovethe grooms brother takes a large brown parcel into the housebride opens the parcel with her friend looking on, smilingbride reveals a photograph and receives a hug from her brother in lawbride crying as she reads a card from the groomtwo babies having a pre wedding bathtoddler being held upside down laughingdad gives his little girl a bottle of milk before the weddingwedding dress hanging on a balcony in the breeze with the sea in the backgroundwedding dress hanging in the breeze and the brides shoes on a deckchairlittle bridesmaids dresses hang on a wardrobefather of the bride lifts his jacket from off the back of the bedroom doormum gets her little bridesmaid readythe groom accessories, laid out in preperation on the sideboardthe groom gets ready, puts his suit jacket and bow tie ontwedding portrait of the groom pre ceremony, stading in front of green bushestthe groom and groomsmen walking down an ilfracoombe stree on their way to the venue“vintagetunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0030tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0031“creative“bride“seagull“mother“two“little“mother“a“layered“guests“groom“groom“groomsmen“the“a“a“groom“a“stunning“bride“a“Tunnels“a“granny“guests“the“the“bride“daughter“little“father“the“familytunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0065tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0067“an“a“mother“mother“the“close“the“exchanging“family“holding“you“natural“the“a“more“the“the“paper“emotional“a“hugs“canapés“a“shadows“two“boy“two“grandparents“a“the“bare“littletunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0100tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0101“children“guest“wedding“a“shoes“man“ariel“groom“a“wedding“wedding“looking“two“two“newlyweds“summer“foot“newlyweds“enjoying“throwing“everyone“kids“children“relaxedtunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0126tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0127tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0128tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0129tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0130tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0131tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0132tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0133tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0134tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0135tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0136tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0137tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0138tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0139tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0140tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0141tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0142tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0143tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0144tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0145tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0146tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0147tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0147atunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0148tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0149tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0150tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0151tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0152tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0153tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0154tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0155tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0156tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0157tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0158tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0159tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0160tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0161tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0162tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0163tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0164tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0165tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0166tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0167tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0169tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0168tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0170tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0171tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0172tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0173tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0174tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0175tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0176tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0177tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0178tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0179tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0180tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0181tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0182tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0183tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0184tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0185tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0186tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0187tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0188tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0189tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0190tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0191tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0192tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0193tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0194tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0195tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0196tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0197tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0198tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0199tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0200tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0201tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0202tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0203tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0204tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0205tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0206tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0207tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0208tunnels-beaches-wedding-photographer-devon_0209

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  • Incredible!! Well done Alex!ReplyCancel

  • Robin Horton

    Are these the best wedding photographs you will ever have the privilege to look at? I think so. the kids in the bath to the sunset on the beach, all superb Alex.ReplyCancel

  • Well, that’s all just completely beautiful isn’t it? I am pretty sure we can all go home for the day now… Gorgeous.ReplyCancel

  • Steve Gerrard

    On. The. Money!
    Top job guys. And what a brilliant wedding! Perfect.ReplyCancel

  • Just ridiculously good. There are so many that I can’t point out my favourites.ReplyCancel

  • This is world class my friend!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay Hoeflinger

    This is the most ridiculously awesome wedding and wedding photography I have seen in a LONG time. Just absolutely perfect. Can I hire you to document my life? Also- please send me the coordinates for this place- I need to live there.ReplyCancel

  • Alex. You know how much I love your work. And these are incredible 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous work Alex, what a beautiful set and a wedding that is totally lush xxxReplyCancel

  • Oh Alex! So many favourites. Sam and Jemma you look AMAZING. BOOM!!!ReplyCancel

  • Insanely brilliant!ReplyCancel

  • Love everything about this wedding. Love the men’s group shot. Very cool. And the couple’s portraits are just beautiful. Gorgeous work.ReplyCancel

  • Just insanely awesome work bro!….killed it!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Wow great shots Alex. Absolutely nailed it 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Wow, just wow! The stars really aligned here. Two amazing photographers, one brilliant couple, an amazing setting and those planes. The planes were pure genius!ReplyCancel

  • Oh, So, Gorgeous!
    There are so many moments, lots of many little details – I had to look through this wedding a few times and I’m still seeing little bits. Stunning location, beautiful bride – and that light! As others have already said – you have nailed it – pure brilliance!ReplyCancel

  • AWESOME, every single bit of it!ReplyCancel

  • Lucy Noble

    my favourite venue! Awesome pics, i would LOVE to get married thereReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous wedding! A lot of emotions and joy captured perfectly! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Tunnels Beaches

    From all of us at Tunnels Beaches… Awesome pics of a wonderful wedding!! Thank you for capturing our venue so beautifully.ReplyCancel

  • Lucy Schollick

    Lovely pictures !!. Would love some of the cake pics of possible. Lucy.cheetham@gmail.comReplyCancel

  • Georgina Holloway

    Absolutely beautiful photos! I am getting married at Tunnels next year and wondered if you could tell me which band this couple booked?
    thank you 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Looks like an awesome wedding Sam and top notch photography by Alex. Great work all round! Keep it up.ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful photos. And what a great location! The way you captured everything made me feel I was there!ReplyCancel

  • Fabulous wedding and absolutely perfect picturesReplyCancel

  • Brilliant wedding! I love every single shot! Well done Alex.ReplyCancel

  • So many great moments. It’s just gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Paul Keppel

    Stunning images, I’m heading to Ilfracoombe in a couple of weeks to look at Tunnel beach as it looks an amazing wedding venue. The last wedding I’ve seen there its been pouring with rain so its nice to see a dry wedding 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I was looking through these thinking wow these are good, then realised, this is sam dockers wedding?! awesome 🙂ReplyCancel