A little bit about me

alex miller, west midlands wedding photographer

Hi, I’m Alex. I’m the big guy, not the little one! I love documenting life with my camera and telling stories through photographs. When I’m not shooting weddings I’m probably spending time with my awesome little family, maybe doing a bit of surfing (even though I live in the Midlands, crazy huh!!) or failing that doing some restoration work on our old victorian house (a 10yr project so far – a real labour of love!!). The usual stuff really, but it keeps me pretty busy!

Despite studying photography at college, I spent the next 15 years working as a graphic designer. Then I got married and believe it or not, didn’t invest in good photography. It wasn’t until my wife and I were sat down, pretty deflatedly looking through our wedding photos that I realised how I would do things differently if I were to document weddings. So, here I am. A full-time wedding photographer – and now I try and take the photos we wished we had for other people. Something that will make them giggle and smile and they’ll never tire of looking at. Photos to take them right back to their day in the years to come.

Essentially, I’m looking to capture great moments and emotions, to allow people to relive those occasions in life that mean everything to them. I love how weddings bring people together in so many different ways and that’s probably why I love documenting them so much.

So… 200+ weddings later and I’ve photographed weddings in places such as Australia, Mozambique, Italy, France, Portugal and let’s not forget the UK too! It’s been an amazing adventure & I’m looking forward to whoever and wherever it takes me to next!

I’d love to hear what gets you all excited about your wedding and hear your vision of how the photos will tell your story. If you’re interested in my work or booking me, please feel free to get in touch via my contact form, follow me on Instagram or Facebook or email me at alex@alexmillerweddings.co.uk.

alex miller, west midlands wedding photographerAlex Miller midlands Wedding Photographeralex miller midlands wedding photographeralex miller midlands wedding photographeralex miller midlands wedding photographeralex miller midlands wedding photographeralex miller midlands wedding photographerAlex Miller surfing Bingin, Bali
Photographs by Fer Juaristi, Jeff Newsom & Aga Tomaszek.
Last photo by some guy in Bali – I have no idea what his name is!