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Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer | Richmond Park

“Alex, we have just sat down to watch the slideshow, I’m a bit speechless at the moment. They are incredible, we have both been in absolute tears. We can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you have done, we are so delighted and you have captured the day wonderfully. You tell the story so […]

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Andrew - You have a great eye Alex. That, and your hard work have made for another wonderful set of images! Great stuff

Kim Gribbon - This is the hotness right here. Nice work Alex! Favourite photos – the last one, WHAT! So good. And the black & white of the priest/vicar/man-in-robes (what’s the correct term) looking out the front doors of the church. Great stuff!

Sam Docker - Incredible stuff this mate, so many great moments and frames. Top top work!!

John Hope - Killer stuff as always Alex!

Robin Horton - Wow, enjoyed looking through every one, my fave’s are the bride walking down the isle with dad, great look on brides face, and the last one, super bokeh, all brilliant though Alex.

Ellenborough Park Wedding Preview | Tina & Tim

I feel I’ve been unbelievably lucky this year with the couples I’ve booked. I really have met some lovely lovely people and of course, had the privilege of photographing their awesome weddings. Tina and Tim’s special day at Ellenborough Park in Gloucestershire was incredible fun. I’m actually amazed I could hold the camera straight at […]

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Robin Horton - Love all these mate but the bedroom shot is beautiful, you have used the lovely light well.

Kim Gribbon - Umm, not sure how I missed this set of images. Amazing stuff Alex!

Jemma and Sam | Tunnels Beaches Wedding Photographer

I’m not sure where to start with this. It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend and to be truthful, I don’t think all that’s happened has fully sunk in yet. My best bud and incredible Derbyshire wedding photographer (wink, wink!!) Sam got married to the beautiful Jemma and I’m still pinching myself that they asked me to document […]

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John Hope - Bloody amazing!! Awesome work Alex and looking amazing Sam and Jemma!

Neil Redfern - Wow, awesome images of what was obviously an incredible day. Congratulations Jemma and Sam!

Kirsten Mavric Photography - Oh Alex. Oh…. these are superb. I love them all. And the planes?!!! Excellent.

Emma B - Aaah.. Amazing!! Looks like such a good day.. And that close up shot of them cuddling on the beach is just so gorgeous 🙂

Robin Horton - Wow mate, it must have been extra nerve racking to shoot for a photog but you pulled off a blinder, some fantastic angles seeing what others will not even give a second look, brilliant job Alex.

Linda Melladay - These are great, can’t wait to see the rest x

Dom - I love these Alex, that one of the kids in the bath is epic but the whole set is fantastic!

Holly - Oh wow, you are a talented man my friend. You deserve your success 🙂

Jon S6 - great shots you guys!

Laura Babb - Awesome work. That close up on the beach is lush. And more weddings should have planes. Nice one, Sam!

Laura Babb - Just so I’m clear… I meant nice one Sam for the planes..


Dawn Potter - Stunning pictures! Captured the perfect day perfectly! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your amazing work Alex. X

Ben Joseph - Very nice indeed!

Carla Cosgrove - Wow! What a beautiful day! Love the aeroplanes!!

mark newton - Great work Alex, some cracking shots. Looks like it was a wicked day.

Antonio Patta - bellissime!

Ann Docker - Alex, thank you, thank you, thank you! Stunning photos with more to follow. It was great to have you there as part of this special day. VBW Ann

Yvonne Lishman - These are beautiful. It looks an awesome day 🙂

Michael - Some really lovely images and what a great venue !!!!

Magda - Beautiful pictures Alex. Fantastic job

Hyde Bank Farm Wedding Photographer | Janine & Nick

“Hi Alex, we are really happy with the pictures – we both absolutely love them! Everyone we’ve sent the link to has said how amazing they are as well. Thanks so much for all your hard work! You really captured everything perfectly.” On Easter bank holiday weekend, I travelled up the M6 to Greater Manchester […]

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Joanne Spencer - These are ace Alex!! So many amazing moments, you’ve captured so much fun and laughter, it looks like the type of wedding you want to be a part of! Bet they love these photos so much!!

Jonas Karlsson - this is crazy good. the party pictures makes me feel i was there.

Ian France - Awesome coverage as always Mr Millar…. high five !

Avoncroft Museum Wedding | Chantelle & Tom

I’d been looking forward to Chantelle and Tom’s wedding for what seemed like an incredibly long time. After our initial meeting and e-shoot I have to say that I was disappointed that I’d have to wait a whole year before it came around. It’s just that I knew their day would be pretty special. After we’d first met we’d […]

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damian burcher - Great set, really captured the emotion of the day. Love the energy in your party shots.

Britt Spring - Agree with Damian. You really do capture the feel of the day and so much happiness. Your portraits are so lovely Alex! B

Holly - Always such lovely, emotive work Alex. You can tell how happy and relaxed your couples are around you 🙂

Stef and Andrew | Yorkshire Fell Wedding Preview

Last weekend I had heaps of fun at Stef and Andrews wedding in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. It’ll be hitting the blog very soon but here are just a few teaser pics from what was an absolutely awesome day! Yes, that is a man in a dress holding a beer bottle!

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Alan Law - Fab work dude! That top shot especially; cracker!

Sam Docker - This looks truly amazing mate, can’t wait to see more!!!

David Fullwood - Stunning photos Alex. I’m sure Andrew & Stef will love them. Great to meet you and all the best… Little brother David

Paul Marbrook - 🙂 Looks fantastic! A beer arch is a new one on me too.

Sue Azam-Ali - These pictures are stunning. I miss the English countryside – and beer!!

liam smith - top shot is amazing, cool work man

Pervaiz Shah - The top shot is the one for me – beauty

Chloe and Hans | Battersea Arts Centre Wedding Preview

I love London, there such a diverse range of cool places to get married. I can’t wait to share this Battersea Arts Centre wedding on the blog – and I plan to very soon, but for now here’s just a small taster. As you can probably guess by the sunglasses, we had good weather for […]

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Denise Moss - Brilliant photographer!! He got it exactly right!

Midlands Engagement Photographer | Harriet & Jo

I love looking back on this engagement session with Harriet and Jo. Despite me taking them to what basically ended up being a boggy field in some rather inclement and unpredictable weather they were incredibly fun and easy going. I like that in people! Between dodging showers and running back to the car every five […]

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MikiPhotography - loved these dude – great work! : )

Paul Marbrook - Alex, there are some incredible frames in this set! Really awesome and best use of tilt i’ve seen in a good while 🙂

Duane Hutchins - Wow they are really great photos

damian burcher - Lovely shots Alex, great poses and interaction between them.

Antony Turner - Man… these are sweet! That shift on #10!!

Shuma & Chris | Home House Wedding Photographer

One of the many things I love about being a wedding photographer is all the different places I get to visit. Sometimes I’ll get to see hidden gems that I’d never have even known existed. Home House was definitely one of those places. It would be easy to walk past this beautiful Georgian terrace in […]

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Sam Docker - Brilliant, more of this in 2014 mate, its gonna be a good year!!!! Love the portraits of Shuma and Chris in the park, so well put together.

Clive Blair Photography - Alex: Great work there! I just love the naturalness of the images you captured along with the reportage moments beautifully preserved.

Dennis Pike - Stunning work. I love the style of this wedding, and that first photo is all sorts of epic

Jeremy - That last shots are killer! Love all the vintage styling in this wedding. It suits with your style as well.

Alex Miller - Thanks Clive!

Ashlee - These are wonderful Alex! 🙂

JC Page - Gorgeous Wedding Photography – fabulous moments captured and great portraiture!

mathias - those last two shots whaaat? so so good.

Razvan - My kind of wedding! I love everything about it and your ability to masterfully capture their beautiful day.

Mark Newton - Great work Alex. Love the shot at the top.

Kellee Walsh - Beautiful work Alex! Looks like such an emotional day!

ALMA // - Awesome wedding and sweet location.

Jared Tseng - That first image is stunning!

Paul Marbrook - Fabulous set Alex, i can really feel the whole day from this set of images and thats what its all about 🙂 Some epic shots in there too.

Daniel - That first photo… just.. wow. Way to start this post. Awesome work!

Adam - That last image is way cool.

Mathias Cederholm - That first shot is just brilliant. One of the best!
What a venue to shoot in.

Great work!

Will Kim - This is one beautiful wedding! Amazing coverage of their day!

Dan - Oh my god you get the best venues! Seriously stunning here – top work all round

britney - that cover portrait is pretty awesome!

David - Lovely. Great composition and symmetry in the first picture!

Chantelle & Tom | Avoncroft Museum Wedding

After a fun engagement shoot I was really looking forward to Chantelle and Tom’s wedding. I couldn’t have wished for more on this one, I had a great couple, really interesting venue and there was lots of love and laughter all round. I’ll be blogging the full wedding soon but here are just a couple […]

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Sam Docker - 3 smokin’ hot frames here Alex! Amazing work.

Dodi & Alex | Wroxton Abbey Wedding

From the very first skype call I had with Dodi and Alex, I knew their wedding was going to be something special. They seemed such lovely warm people right from the beginning and upon finding out that family would be coming over from Jakarta for the wedding, we soon got chatting about Indonesia and Bali […]

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Sam Docker - Amazingly well documented Alex, looks like it was a fun filled day thats for sure!!

The Spencers - Stunning wedding Alex, I found myself smiling at every frame!! I particularly love the shot of the bride and groom on the bride with you peeping through the willow tree foliage, and completely adore the frame of the little girl being read a story!

Your work is amazing Alex, if only I could do my wedding all over again, i’d know where to find you!!

Toby Clark - What a cool wedding, love the bus and the tents! looks like a fun day and well done on the photos, love it!

Adam Johnson - What an amazing wedding! Top work Alex.

Albert Palmer - Top work – love that little shot of the dog playing with the stick during the speeches 😀

Sachin - Love your creativity with the reception photos!

Heather E - Your reception photos are SPOT on. Amazing documentation.

stacey - beautiful portraits…especially love the one on the bridge and willows.

Sarah Der! - …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This wedding cannot be real. This photos CANNOT BE REAL! They are WAY TOO FULL of joy and laughter and great style and creativity–I had a smile on my face THE WHOLE TIME I looked through this post!! This couple is amazing. This wedding is amazing. Such, such creative and awesome coverage. Period.

Isabelle - Woha!! What a great wedding and party! They sure know how to have fun and the bride and groom are lovely. You captured their day just perfect!

John Bello - What an amazing set! I love the one of the mom and daughter laying on the floor. So good!

PJ - As Sachin already point it..reception photos are so creative!

don barrington - This is my type of wedding. very well done.

Richard - Hi Alex, I love everything about this wedding too! How cool are the tents, and all the the bunting added a beautiful splash of colour. The cakes look amazing, and Im loving the outdoor portraits of the bride and groom, especially the ones on the bridge… but so many others photos I love, they tell the story so well. It looks like such a fun day

Tomasz Wagner - I have to agree with Sachin, Heather, and PJ – such unique and creative reception photos! Solid work, mate.

Stacy Squires Photography - fantastic photos 🙂