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Sarah and Jason – an oxford college engagement

creative oxfordshire wedding photographer at wadham college

“A BIG BIG thank you for the amazing photos despite the weather! We were so excited showing the photos around to our friends and family over the weekend and we’re still ‘arguing’ over which photo to use for our ‘save the date’ card! Oh and the black and white photos are absolutely classy, I love them so much and will definitely print them out and keep them in our bedroom.” 

Sarah and Jason were only in the UK for a brief spell during their trip around Europe, but decided to invest a bit of time having an engagement session around the colleges they had studied at in Oxford. Unfortunately the weather couldn’t have been worse on the day and the heavy rain just didn’t seem to want to stop falling. Quite honestly, if it was any normal e-shoot I would have unquestionably rescheduled, but Sarah and Jason had travelled half way around the world to be here and their schedule didn’t allow for any movement, so we just went for it!

Getting Sarah’s dress wet and dirty was a big no-no as they had a shoot with a film photographer booked in for the very next day, so I wanted to keep it as clean as possible. It took an awful lot of waiting around, but eventually there was a break where the heavy rain slowed to a slight drizzle for 15 minutes and so we pounced! The letup was just enough to be able to shoot under the cover of trees and doorways and get some ‘outdoor looking’ shots with the couple under cover, even though it was still raining. Sarah and Jason were total troopers – so patient and polite, never complaining one bit.

Couples often ask me what I’ll do if there’s rain at their wedding, but just as in this instance, all you need to get some outdoor photos with natural light is a short break in the weather and to be ready to drop everything when it happens. Thinking about it, there hasn’t actually been a wedding to date where I haven’t managed to get at least a few outdoor photos of the couple. And I’ve had a LOT of bad weather thrown at my weddings this year too!

We started with a list of locations we’d have liked to have gone for photos – Radcliffe Camera, Christ Church Meadow etc, but because of the weather we simply ended up staying around Wadham College, which wasn’t too shabby at all! In fact, I’d love to photograph a wedding at one of the colleges in Oxford one day, so if you’re getting married in Oxford (or Cambridge), feel free to drop me a line!

Sarah and Jason, it was so good to hang out with you for a bit on a typical rainy British summers day!! Have an amazing wedding next year in Hong Kong and don’t forget to send me a link to the wedding photos afterwards!! 😉

oxford wedding photographer at Wadham College
husband gazes upon his beautiful wife
husband and wife having wedding photos at Wadham College
couple in love, cuddling, oxford college wedding
happy and in love high key photo shot into beautiful light
Newlyweds taking a walk around Wadham College gardens
A beautiful asian bride embraces her man after their oxford coll
chinese wedding couple in beautiful gardens holding each other c
Stunning asian bride in an intricate lace dress
Bride and Groom walk through an old stone archway in the college
Oxford wedding in Wadham College
Incredibly beautiful asian bride looks into her husbands eyes an
the couple enjoy a quiet moment to themselves in the gardens
kissing couple silhouetted in an old rustic doorway at oxford co
the couple cuddling in the light of an old stained glass window
intimate photo of the couple hugging with the engagement ring on
creative wedding portrait in beautiful window light at Wadham co
creative wedding photo of a couple silhouetted in the huge woode

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Jarek Lepak - Beautiful pictures Alex despite the weather! I love the editing!

Stephen McGowan - Gorgeous wedding Alex, love your style! 🙂

Gareth Newstead - Awesome work Alex, really lovely editing I’m a big fan!!

Eneka - Every single image is excellent!! Fab work! x

Yolande DV - Lovely dreamy set of photos, and the bride looks gorgeous – I love her dress!

Paul keppel - Stunning photos, you capture them in such beautiful light

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