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A Lake District Engagement

Best Engagement photography Lake District, Cumbria

This was a dream of a shoot for me. I love beautiful places and so when Joss and Alex asked me if I’d travel up to the Lake District for their engagement shoot, I was super excited. Joss had already done much of the hard work for me and had scouted a couple of great locations that had everything you could want. We were to explore the banks of the lake by rowboat, and would stop off wherever we fancied. There’s really nothing as peaceful and relaxing as drifting across a beautifully still lake without a breath of wind in the air and no one else in sight. I’m so envious that Joss and Alex get to enjoy this beautiful place every day. I’m definitely coming back as soon as I can.

We had a great afternoon together and enjoyed it so much that we decided it would be pretty amazing to watch the sunrise the next morning from one of the hills overlooking the lake. Words can’t really describe how pretty it was. Undoubtably well worth missing a bit of sleep for and hiking up a hill in the dark! Joss and Alex, thanks – you were amazing! I can’t wait for your wedding in 2015!


Couple sitting on a wooden pier by the lakeside
couple on pier with lake and mountains in background
couple standing on the end of a pier
Beautiful and peaceful lakeside setting
couple in love embracing
girl snuggles up to boyfriends chest
couple sitting on the end of a wooden pier with feet overhanging the water
walking back down the pier towards the beach
ducks swimming in lake
couple row a wooden row boat onto the lake
couple row across Derwent water on shoot
couple take turns in rowing wooden rowing boat
romantic photo of couple in row boat on lake with mountains in the background
they land the boat and jul onto the shingle beach
couple sitting on a rock with pier, boat and lake as a backdrop
A dog approaches to investigate
rowing across the lake district
beautiful scenery on derwent water in the Lake District
kissing on the lake
kissing on the back of an old row boat
kissing portrait on the back of a boat, surrounded by water
girl in red dress with fiancé standing on a peak overlooking the lake
panoramic view of couple standing overlooking the water
trees overhang the couple as they embrace
intimate engagement photo of young couple overlooking the lake
Lake District Engagment photo
girl and boy sitting on a bench, enjoying a romantic moment together
girl lies on a bench with the head resting on her fiance
engaged couple enjoying views of the lake district in Keswick
couple in love walking up a hill surrounded by trees
girl holds boyfriends hand tenderly
Amazing photograph of a couple hugging between the trees on the brow of a hill
pair walk hand in hand down onto a rocky shoreline
engagement photographs in the Lake District, Cumbria
couple walk along the shoreline of the lake with green trees in the background just beyond the beach
kissing on the beach during the engagement shoot
photo from across the water of a couple sitting on top of a hill on a bench
couple hold hands whilst standing on the shoreline for photos
Young man rowing a boat
The back of an old row boat
a swan swims past the boat
Girl looking at Swan from the boat
Bubbles coming from an old rowboat as it glides across the lake
mooring the boat to a big rock with a rope
boots left on the shoreline
ducks swimming in between big stones
an overview of the pier and the lake
couple tenderly hugging in the woodland
Intimate photos of couple in woodland
couple touching heads
couple laughing as they enjoy a romantic moment together
Boyfriend gives his girlfriend a piggy back
couple having fun during engagement photo session
kissing on the end of the pier
natural photography of engaged couple
An Intimate moment, natural and unposed.
couple framed by trees as the light starts to fade
couple embrace in front of the lake
kissing on the beach
lovebirds sitting together on the shoreline
couple sitting on rocky beach, with their arms around each other
romantic portrait of the couple lying on the rocks, girl kissing her fiancee
couple standing back to back, laughing. Photo taken through the long grass.
A natural moment captured through the branches
A lovely tender moment between two people in love
couple in love
couple cuddle, against the skyline of hills and mountains
the sun sets over the lake
layered light during sunset showing the couple on the hillside
A beautiful sunrise over derwent water
Creative portrait photo with rocks in the foreground
wide angle photo with tiny couple shown against a huge sky
Couple cuddling, shot against the sky
Moody and dramatic sky with a couple silhouetted at the bottom
couple walking together hand in hand across a hilltop
two trees mirror the stance of engaged couple
arms wrapped around each other, a couple look out from the top of the hill across the Lake District
engagement portrait with stunning backdrop of fields and mountains
As she hugs her fiancee, a womans hair is swept by the wind beautifully across her face
An increible sunrise over derwent water with a colourful sky
looking out over the beautiful sunrise
incredible and beautiful colours set the scene for an amazing engagement shoot
Best Engagement photography Lake District, Cumbria
Beautiful natural photograph of couple cuddling in the warm sunlight
Dramatic flared sunrise photograph - the sun just poking out from the other side of a hill

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Robin Horton - Oh my word, I love Derwent water and I would imagine Joss & Alex are over the moon with these.
My fave is them sitting on the end of the jetty, shot from the boat, and the sunset shots, so talented mate, a perfect engagement shoot, I feel another award coming up.

Ian France - Awesome mate … You don’t see that much variety in an e-session very often !!!
Totally smashed this one out the park !

Kim Gribbon - Amazing! You did the location and couple complete justice. Love the shots from the boat – Alex with oar in one hand, camera in the other, click click…

Alan Law - Lovely, lovely work, my friend. Love the wide shots and the hill-top images especially; spectacularly captured man!

damian burcher - Great set Alex. Love how playful they were.

Clare Tam-Im - These are amazing. Gorgeous work! That light is stunning as well. Just such a perfect engagement shoot!

Steve Fleming - These are beautiful photos ! Looking forward to seeing you over Xmas !

Sachin Khona - Awesome location man, but hair flying in the wind does it for me every time.

Sam Docker - HOLY SMOKES!!!! This is next level my man, an amazing post, love the ones looking back on the jetty, incredible!

Julia Christiansen - Wow – what great photos taken in stunning scenery and just lovely pictures of you both.

Matthew Long - I love the Lakes, beautiful stuff mate, full of epic.

Rob Dodsworth - Oh wow! One of my favourite places in the world and what an incredible shoot!

Milosz Wozaczynski - Great pictures Alex. Absolutely well done.

tom humphries - wow wow wow, I’m going to say one of the best pre wedding shoots I’ve ever seen!

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