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Lake Como Wedding | Villa Balbianello

the couple embrace in the gardens with an old clock tower in the background

“Oh my gosh they are absolutely stunning!!! We’re totally over the moon and literally in tears looking through them, you have captured the day perfectly!! You are a genius, thank you so so much.”

You know that wedding photography is important to a couple when they drive for a good few hours to meet you prior to booking. I’d always wanted to shoot a wedding at the Italian Lakes and just talking to Gemma and Mike about their Lake Como wedding got me super excited. It’s such an incredibly beautiful and romantic place to begin with and then to find out the ceremony would be held at the amazing Villa del Balbianello was simply the icing on the cake! If you’re an 80’s child like myself, then you’ll totally understand the extra appeal of it being the backdrop of many films including Star Wars and Bond movies. Say no more!! Luckily they decided to book me!

Looking back at the wedding, there’s no question that it must have been everything they’d imagined and more – simply a perfect day! I’m not sure how best to express quite how good it was, so I’ll try and let the photos do the talking from here. I hope you enjoy the show!

Gemma and Mike, it was such an honour to photograph your day! Thank you!

lake como, italy
The backstreets of Laglio on the Italian Lakes
daisies growing behind a metal gate and ducks swimming in a line on the water
Villa Regina Teodelinda in Laglio
wedding dress hanging in a rustic italian villa window with shutters
looking through old doors at bridesmaids sitting on ballustrade with lake como in the background
A shadow on the wall show revealing bridesmaids chinking champagne glasses
speedboat in the background of bride and bridesmaids drinking champagne in their dressing gowns
Four bridesmaids in dressing gowns chinking champagne glasses
Bridal prep in Regina Teodelinda
jimmy choos in a patch of sunlight
Bridesmaid removing dress from an old rustic wardrobe
bridesmaid holding a veil
brides dress being laced up
bridesmaid smiles and gushes after seeing the bride for the first time
a fingertip holds the veil
bride getting into her dress
bride getting into her dress framed through a dark doorway
beautiful bridal portrait as she plays with her veil in window light
bride having makeup applied
Italian bride putting lipstick on in an oval mirror
beautiful bridal portrait in front of shuttered italian villa doors
walking down teracotta steps to the speedboat
the bridal party make their way to the jetty holding umbrellas in the italian sunshine
the bridal party wait on the jetty for their taxi boat to arrive
the taxi boat approaches the jetty
the bridal party board the boat
the bridal party sitting in the back of a luxurious taxi boat travelling across the lake
amazing view from the boat of the lake and hills
father of the bride looking ahead in the taxi boat
incredible view of lake como from wedding taxi boat
mother of the bride on the way to wedding ceremony in boat
bridesmaids travelling to the ceremony in the taxi boat
Italian flag on the back of speeding taxi boat
View from the water as the boat approaches Villa Balbiabello in Lenno
Boat docks at the jetty at Villa Balbiabello, Lenno
The bride arrives for her wedding at Villa Balbiabello
the bride arrives for her wedding at villa balbiabello
The bride gathers herself before the ceremony against an incredible backdrop of Lake como
Children watch from above as the bride makes her way up the slope to the wedding
Green vines covering the archways at Villa Balbiabello
Villa Balbiabello
Green vines covering the walls at Villa Balbiabello
flowers and fans on seats
guests making their way up the villa stairs to the ceremony
wedding guests finding their seats
the bride walking up the beautiful garden path to the ceremony
bridal party walking up the villa stairs to the wedding
the groom awaits his bride and smiles
the bride walks down the aisle
the ceremony begins
a bridesmaid giving a reading whilst guests look on and smile
guests laughing
bride and groom exhange vows
mother of the bride sheds a tear during the ceremony, guests lovingly hold hands
Wedding at Villa Balbiabello
The exchanging of rings
the first kiss as everybody cheers in the background!
wedding guests all applaud!
a happy moment as the couple are declared man and wife. Guests cheer!
amazing villa balbiabello wedding photographer
a guitar player plays a les paul
The recessional as everyone moves into the gardens at Villa Balbiabello
guests mingle in the shade under the trees at the villa
hugs and congratulations
guests congratulate the happy couple
guests congratulate the happy couple outside rustic italian villa
incredible wedding photograph of couple looking out over the back of Villa Balbiabello
Romantic photo of couple underneath the vine covered archways overlooking the lake
Newlyweds taking their first stroll as husband and wife together.
romantic portraits overlooking the lake
natural wedding portrait
newlyweds stroll through the lush green lakeside garden
superb wedding photo of couple in the gardens of surrounded by the trees, rocks and water
the couple embrace in the gardens with an old clock tower in the background
couple cuddle and kiss in the beautiful gardens
couple walk back down to board the boat
bride boards the boat to join the other guests
guest taking a photo on his phone as the boat speeds off
Guests having a drink on wedding boat
Guests having a drink and chatting on wedding boat
Guests having a drink and laughing on wedding boat
brides veil flying away in the wind
Guests having a drink and laughing inside lake boat
the boys having a laugh inside the boat
natural photo of guest laughing
the view of a lakeside town look out from inside the boat
couple sitting on the back of a speeding wedding boat in the sunshine
the nose of the boat pointing towards the shore
trying to take a selfie as hair blows in the wind
a man in a canoe paddles past in the background
people mingling, chatting and having fun
the bride is helped off the boat
a hand is clutched as a lady is assisted off the boat
all the wedding guests disembark at the jetty
guests arriving on the terrace at the reception venue
the reception begins as guests enjoy music and canapes
old wooden table with a spread of food on it
sliced pastrami on a log and vine tomatoes in a bucket
a banquet of mozarella, olives and other dishes sit on a table
A Bartender serves drinks under a canopy
drinks being poured, guests chatting
a jazz trio band play under a tree
drummer playing and close up of sheet music entitel
wedding guests sitting around eating
two ushers looking and laughing
wedding guests sitting around patio tables eating
laughing and joking around the table
guest laughs
mingling and chatting
a formal photograph of the bridesmaids and ushers in front of the lake
creative table plan - engraved bronzed plaques set in wine bottles
Table settings all ready for the wedding breakfast
flowers decorating the table
flowers, candles and shots decorating the table
bride and groom about to be announced into the wedding breakfast
the rooms cheers and applauds the entrance of the bride and groom
father of the bride give his speech
father of the bride give his speech and guests laugh
guests laughing at speeches
guests laughing at father of the brides funny speech
the groom stands up to deliver his speech
more laughter at the grooms speech
guests toast the grooms speech
A tearful moment during the speeches as the groom makes the bride cry
parents of the bride crying during emotional speeches
the best mans speech
hysterical laughter at the best mans speech
everybody joins glasses in a big toast
emotional hugs between the bride and her father
Lake como wedding photo of bride and groom standing on the end of a jetty
bride and groom snuggling closely
romantic portrait of bride and groom
bride and groom sit on a wall in the garden overlooking the lake
portraits in the rustic backstreets of Laglio
unique wedding photo taken in an underground tunnel in italy
bride and groom walking up the cobbled backstreets of Laglio
guests mill about in the dark under beautiful tree lights
Magical tree lights illuminate the villa terrace
cutting the cake outside with the lake as a stunning backdrop
guests watching the cake cutting
the first dance takes place as family and friends watch on
family and friends watching the newlyweds dancing
couple embrace during their first dance, guests then join in
the party begins!
everybody dancing
guests stoops low during dance move
everybody gathers outside the villa
guests light sparklers from a candle
guests having fun with sparklers
everybody gets down on the dancefloor
man limbo dances on the dancefloor
more limbo-ing and partying
dancefloor action as guests boogie
fun and merriment as the wedding guests party
everyone gathers in a circle and surrounds the bride and groom
bride and groom kiss in the middle of their circle of friends and family
lights on the hillside towns reflected in Lake Como at night

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James Rouse - Off the charts, ridiculously good work Alex!!!

Ian France - Exceptional.

Jarek Lepak - Awesome wedding! You have beautifully captured some really special moments. Fantastic work as always Alex.

Robin Horton - Oh my word Alex, I have been looking forward to seeing the images from this wedding since you posted the single shot some time ago. The shot of the bridesmaids shadows, brilliant, and some clever logistics going on with you in the speedboat then not in it, and top shots of the first dance, followed by brilliand work in the small alley-ways. Top work mate.

Alberto - Wow – amazing coverage dude. Particularly like the couple shot in that far off doorway – incredible!

Peter - This is next level Alex! Every single image in this set is a winner, well done!

Rob Dodsworth - Beautiful people, stunning scenery and great weather – not at all jealous!
Fantastic set of frames mate – kudos!

Jonas Karlsson - Freaking incredible and very inspiring.

Cassandra Bahamas - Amazing job at capturing both the storytelling moments of the wedding day as well as the beautiful surroundings and backdrops of Lake Como.

reportaż ślubny warszawa - Beautiful story,stunning stuff.

Brett Symes - just incredible, every last frame of it. Inspiring work Alex

Amy - What a location! Beautiful photographs and what a way to enter a wedding!

Victoria Christophe - Love it! So beautiful!!

Nick Labrum - Stunninng blog post! What scenery to work with and a fab night shots too. Keep up the good work 🙂

Serge ~ Prinsz Photography - Waw! Very impressive and stunning photos! Love! A photographer myself was looking on the worldwide web for wedding photos ideas and inspiration. I am very happy to find these beautiful images and great storytelling. Congratz for sharing and I love your work.

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