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Josie & Pete | Pine Cliffs Destination Wedding, Portugal

Incredible wedding photo of a couple on a clifftop overlooking a

I first met Josie and Pete whilst shooting her sister’s wedding at the wonderful Villa Balbianello on Lake Como. It was such a beautiful wedding with the most fun and lovely people you could wish to spend a day with, so when Josie asked whether I might be free to photograph her Pine Cliffs Destination Wedding in Portugal the following year I was more than a little excited!

I’ve been to Portugal for a few holidays and surf trips before, so I had a rough idea of what to expect – but when I arrived to the sight of the dramatic cliffs, lush gardens and pine trees at the spot they’d be getting married at, it was way beyond my expectations! A photographers dream! What could be a more beautiful and romantic setting for a wedding than in a beautiful cliffside garden overlooking the sea! If you’re considering a destination wedding at the Pine Cliffs Resort in Portugal, please get in touch!

Josie, Pete, family and guests were just as awesome as I remembered them to be. So laid back and a total joy to be around. Needless to say the wedding day was one of fun, happiness, love and laughter. Oh, and there was a little spot of dancing too!! I’ve seen a few guests cameo on the guitar at a couple of weddings, but never quite throw out the incredible shredding solo’s that these guests managed!! Just keep scrolling and you’ll see…

Thanks so much to Josie and Pete for choosing me to be their Pine Cliffs destination wedding photographer! Enjoy the photos!

the roof of a portugese villa
a palm tree and a close up of a palm frond
dad walks around the swimming pool with a cup of coffee in his h
luxury portugese villa with palm leaves and and lanterns in the
A groomsman relaxes in the swimming pool, soaking up the suns ra
father of the bride looks out of the window with his daughter
a groomsman in t-shirt and shorts walks through the front door o
the boys playing a game of pool
bridesmaids dancing and twirling on the landing
The bridesmaid kisses her best friend
bridesmaids all laughing on the balcony in their dressing gowns
the wedding dress and shoes
A make up artist applies the brides make up
The girls in the bedroom, having their makeup put on
Bridesmaid preperation
reflection of the bride along with the outside scenery of the al
mua putting lipstick on the bride
lipstick being put on, hair decorations being put in
bridesmaid laughing
the girls all sit on the sofa and open cards and gifts
bridemaid hugs the bride and thanks her for the gift
a bridesmaid holds her necklace in her hands
bridesmaids gush over the necklances they
the maid of honour helps the bride get into her dress
the girls gush with emotion when they see the brides dress for t
groomsmen being silly, pretending antlers are coming out of thei
Cliff top destination wedding ceremony in the algarve, portugal
the groom awaits the bride among the pine trees
The bride and her father walk through the tabu garden
all the guests watch as the bride approaches.
Father walks the bride down a white fabric walkway, decorated wi
emotional glances and embraces before the marriage ceremony begi
registrars conduct the marriage ceremony
beautiful algarve clifftop wedding ceremony
A friend reads a few words to the bride and groom
The bride wipes a tear away from her eye during the readings
the brides friend kisses her
The couple getting wed high above the sea under the white draped
bride and groom say their vows under white fabric draped pergola
brides family holding hands during wedding ceremony
destination wedding beachside clifftop setting
couple exchange rings under beautiful clifftop pergola
rings are exchanged as guests look on
mother of the groom wipes away an emotional tear
couple enjoy their first kiss as newlyweds
wedding guests applauding
guests shower the couple with confetti during the recessional
friends hug and copngratulate the happy couple
wedding guests hugging the bride and groom
the best man gives the groom a huge hug of congratulations
drinks and canapes are served
guests chat and mingle
musicians playing guitar and a beat box in the tabu garden
musicians playing guitar and a beat box in the tabu garden
A toddler wanders over to listen to the musicians
guest with sunglasses standing in a strip of light
A bridesmaid looks at a seating plan
beautiful outdoor wedding reception location at pine cliffs reso
beautiful table details at destination wedding reception
pink roses among the table settings
starfish table decoration
chair covers
wedding guests mingling in the shade of the tabu garden
guests enjoy the cocktail hour
wedding guests talking and laughing among themselves
wedding guests taking some group photographs of each other in th
the guys lift up the groom and the girls take a funny photo
Pretty bridesmaids in sequined dresses giggling among themselves
the bridal party holds up their boquets of flowers of yellow, pi
the groom stands in an awesome pool of light highlighted among s
bride and groom walking along an epic algarve red sand clifftop
epic clifftop wedding portraits
couple watching a yatch sail by from the top of a cliff
Incredible wedding photo of a couple on a clifftop overlooking a
the brides veil flies in the wind as her groom kisses her
stunning clifftop wedding portraits
adventurous bride and groom walking along a clifftop
newlyweds walking through trees in the most beautiful algarvian
wedding guests applauding the arrival of the bride and groom
the bride and groom arrive at the reception
father of the brides speech
newlyweds laughing at speech
guests laughing during destination wedding speeches
guests laughing during destination wedding speeches
a grown man crying during the speeches
guests throws his hands up in the air excitedly
two guest tables simultaneously laughing at wedding speeches
the groom delivers his speech at pine cliffs destination wedding
The bride laughs hilariously
mother of the groom cries at his thoughtful words
the groom delivers his speech at pine cliffs destination wedding
the wedding party toasts the groom speech
Incredible wedding reception location at Sheraton Pine Cliffs Re
the best men deliver their speeches as the sun sets
The bride and groom laughing hysterically
guests cracking up at funny speeches
wedding guests applauding the speeches
hugs and celebrations between the best men and the groom
the wedding party enjoy some group hugs!
portugese style architecture surrounds the just married couple
Intimate wedding portrait as the couple hug closely
destination wedding portrait photographer
archways framing wedding couple perfectly creative photography
the sun sets on the cliffs as the couple embrace and enjoy the s
A beautiful sunkissed weddding portrait
newlyweds stroll down the walkway leading down to the beach
just married couple stroll down the walkway leading down to the
newlyweds walk through the valley down to the beach
lovers look into each other eyes
destination beach wedding
husband and wife laughing on the beach
the sun sets on the algarve beach
creative portugese beach bar wedding portrait
festoon lit outdoor wedding reception among the trees
festoon lit outdoor wedding reception among the trees at Pine Cl
chinking glasses together in celebration
festoon lights
beach bar wedding reception
everyone holds their glasses up in the air
The first dance
The first dance
guests take photos of the first dance
wedding guests partying and dancing at Pine Cliffs beach bar
a guest points his bottom at the camera
A guest picks up a guitar to play along with the wedding band
everyone cheers
A guest picks up a guitar to play along with the wedding band
A guest jumps as others cheer him on
beach bar wedding reception dancing
beach bar wedding reception dancing
wedding guests partying and singing at beach bar
wedding guests partying and singing at beach bar
wedding guests partying and singing at beach bar
wedding guests partying and singing at beach bar
wedding guest jumps off the bands speakers
parters lying on the floor, singing
beach bar wedding reception dancing
wedding guests partying and dancing at beach bar
best man lifts the groom high into the air whilst dancing
wedding guests laughing and enjoying themselves
the groom lifts his wife up and spins on the dancefloor
guitarist plays a crazy guitar solo
Pine Cliffs resort algarve portugal beach bar wedding

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Aga Tomaszek - oh YES MAN!! :)) Brilliant story Alex, perfectly edited. <3

Rob Dodsworth - Wow, gorgeous setting! Great set – especially love the portraits!

Dean - Love this Alex!

Jordanna Marston - Excellent work Alex – from start to finish.

Alex James - Great work Alex!…loved looking through that.

Voyteck - wow dude, what a spectacular set, your best!

Rob Edge - Fantastic. Love the framing & editing. So clean. Bravo, Sir.

Jo Hastings - Beautiful Alex!

Albert Palmer - Very nice – and pixel perfect! They will be thrilled with these.

Amanda Berube - Love this. So gorgeous 🙂

Clare - These images are true art and will be part of lasting memories for all.

Rob - Loving the dance floor action Alex!!!! Awesome stuff!

Ben Pollard - As always Alex, lovely work.

Rachel - Key West - These photos are absolutely beautiful! I feel like I am right there in Portugal when viewing these images. Great work!

Kristy Field - Great viewpoints, amazing scenery and some really fun filled shots!

Jonathan - Seriously this is stunning. Such a great mix of moments, humour and just great images. A+ 🙂

Alan - Dynamic, creative, emotive…just the very top drawer of wedding photography.

John - Love the laughter, you managed to keep emotion in the images.

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